“Take Good Men and Make Them Better.”


This is the message that Masonry takes very seriously. Masonry is dedicated to providing the tools, the environment, and the support to all men who wish to be better men. The Scottish Rite is committed to providing the timeless moral lessons and fellowship of men to all Masons who see life as a journey of growth, constant improvement, and fraternity. The Scottish Rite holds respect for virtue and morality as a cornerstone of a successful life. The Scottish Rite is where the Mason takes the next step in his journey to the East.

The Houston Valley of the Scottish Rite is located in our new Temple at 2401 West Belfort, just a block south of Loop 610 and Kirby. Our new home since 2013, we house the most unique and modern theater in all of the Scottish Rite. Come see what the 4,000 members of the Houston Valley of the Scottish Rite are doing for men and Masons!