2015-02-17 – Knights of Saint Andrew

The Knights of St. Andrew (KSA) are alive and well.  We are growing this year and increasing our awareness of service to the Scottish Rite Temple.

If you would like to join the KSA, please send me an email (ron@ronwbrown.com).  We have a place for you.

The year we are helping Mr. Heale and Mr. Cook with whatever they need.

We are assisting them in the preparation of an complete list of members of the Scottish Rite, Valley of Houston. We have multiple lists that are either incorrect, out of date, members have moved on, or simply missing.  Please drop Mr. Cook an email with your correct email address on it.

We are also assisting them in the Scottish Rite Blood drive. This is a worthwhile endeavor.

We are investigating uniformity of the KSA uniform. We would like to be consistent.

We are investigating the net worth of the KSA truck.  This is an expensive vehicle.

We are assisting Chef Cryille in the Kitchen this year.  He needs more assistance.

We are working on the 29th degree team.

We are assisting the many degree teams where ever it is needed.

We are forming an Honor Guard detail, with Mr. Stevens.

We are manning the transportation Committee.  We are manning the Check in desk as needed.

We are available for almost anything the Fraternity needs.

Please contact me or Mr. Cook if you would like to help.

Scottish Rite Airforce


We recently had a visit from Joel Derrick.  If you do not know who Joel is yet,  you will.  He is one of the cornerstones of our amazing theater project.  He is an artist of the highest caliber and a digital pioneer who plays a key role in what has become lovingly know as our Holodeck.

While Joel was in town working with us and Panasonic to fine-tune our projector installation, he brought his video drone with him and we were able to get some truly amazing video of our new building.  We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did filming it.

Saints John Day Festival – December 27

There are two days specially set aside in Masonry, the Festivals of Saint John the Baptist and Saint John the Evangelist. Did you know that The Grand Lodge of Texas has several interesting regulations in the Law that give primacy to these Festivals above almost all other activities? It’s time to learn more about the origin and meaning of these festivals.

The Houston Scottish Rite is going to have a dinner and presentation on December 27th, the Saturday after Christmas Day, to celebrate and educate the Festival of Saint John the Evangelist, the original patron Saint of Scottish Freemasonry.

The dinner will be held at Churrasco’s at Shepherd & Westheimer.

Please mark your calendars for Saturday, December 27th and further details will be coming. Our speaker will be Gerry Gaman, our Valley librarian and all around good guy. Discussion will follow his presentation. Please call the Scottish Rite office (713-432-1980) or email info@houstonscottishrite.org with indications of interest.

Pat Cook
General Secretary

General Secretary, Patrick L. Cook 32º KCCH

PatMeet your new General Secretary Houston Valley!


Patrick L. Cook, 32nd KCCH, is a second generation Houston Valley Scottish Rite Mason. Initiated in 1998, he has served on the 18th Degree as Master of Cermonies for nearly 15 years, on the 32nd Degree as Prior for over ten years, and Degree Master and Jubelum in the 9-10 Degree for five years.   Pat has served on the Scottish Rite Learning Center Board for the last eight years, on the Scottish Rite Houston Valley Board of Trustees for the last seven years, and as Almoner for the last six years.


Outside of the Scottish Rite, Pat was raised in Oak Forest Lodge, No. 1398 in 1990, and served as Worshipful Master 1997-98. Pat was one of the organizers of Doric Lodge No. 420 which was reconstituted in 2007 and served as its first Worshipful Master, serving as Master of Ceremonies after leaving the East. Pat has been on the Grand Lodge Finance Committee for the last three years, serving as Vice Chairman this year. Pat joined the Arabia Shrine in 2010. Pat was DDGM for District 30A in 2013.

Scottish Rite Learning Center Video


The Scottish Rite Learning Center has commissioned this new video to showcase their efforts.  Let’s help them spread the word!!