Almoner’s Appeal for Harvey Assistance

Many our brethren have suffered extensive damage to their homes, automobiles and businesses because of the unprecedented flooding which has occurred in the Houston Valley. In the first days after the skies cleared, only a few damage reports reached the Valley office. Since then, new reports of devastating property damage are being received almost hourly and a great many more are expected. The Valley leadership, along with the Almoner, has been meeting regularly to discuss how best to meet the immediate needs of those brethren who are in distress.

The Grand Master and our S.G.I.G, Ill. Michael Wiggins, 33ᴼ, are coordinating Masonic relief efforts in order to provide a measure of assistance in meeting the immediate financial needs of Masons. They have also begun discussing medium and long-term strategies for assisting our brethren.

In the Scottish Rite Valley of Houston, the funds administered by the Almoner, (Bro. Michael Felt, 32ᴼ), serve as the primary source for meeting the immediate needs of Scottish Rite Masons.
Since the San Jacinto Lodge of Perfection was chartered in 1884, the Almoner has been charged with receiving and evaluating requests for assistance. An untold number of requests for assistance have been met by the Almoner over the many years since the fund was established. Through two world wars, the Korean and Vietnam wars, the Great Depression, countless personal tragedies and economic downturns, the Almoner’s fund has assisted our brethren in their time of need.
The requests for immediate relief which have already been received from brethren who are victims of Hurricane Harvey, and those still anticipated, exceed the funds available to the Almoner to meet the most urgent needs of our Brethren.

Please recall your solemn obligation and consider making a contribution to help replenish the Almoner’s Fund so that the Valley of Houston may continue to offer its assistance to our distressed worthy brothers, their widows and orphans. Undoubtedly, this request for assistance is only the first of several but it is the most critical as we must do all that we are able when it is most needed.