KSA Update – November 10, 2015

November 19 is Knights of St. Andrews night at the Temple.

We are planning on honoring all the Past Venerable Masters that night. I have heard from most of them and they plan to be there.

In addition, as stated in the Constitution (Monitor) we shall elect next year’s officers during the last stated meeting of the year.

Those who are recommended and are eligible to be Venerable Master for the year 2016 are:

  • Sr.Warden: empty (Said Tabizi was this officer last year)
  • Raymond Ridgeway (last year’s Preceptor or Jr. Warden)
  • Kevin Darley (last year’s Bailiff or Sr. Deacon)
  • Mike Meier (last year’s Warder or Jr. Deacon)
  • Allen Bettis, III (last year’s Captain of the Guard)
  • James Hoffpauir (last year’s Registrar)
  • Shawn Respress (last year’s Orator)
  • Darrell Glueck
  • Michael Felt 


Other KSA members are:

  • Michael Prejean
  • Rob Wojehowski
  • Stewart Anderson
  • Bob Russell
  • Jeffrey Thompson
  • John Zebedeo
  • Job Van Giesbergen
  • William Sherman
  • Matthew Stephenson
  • Wes Hamner
  • Otto Akers
  • Joshua Rouse
  • Justin McCaskill
  • Chris Little
  • Edward Peebles
  • Robert Armentrout
  • Michael Hatley
  • Richard Tew


Be prepared to discuss and vote on next year’s Venerable Master and the top four offices. The new Venerable Master will appoint

Said Tabrizi and Andrew Marcinkowska and Bo Farber and Daniel Chavez, were inducted as a Knight Commander of the Court of Honor and are not eligible for holding an office in the Knights of St. Andrew.  Peter Ryba passed away.

That gives us 23 members and we are permitted to have not more than 33.

This has been a great year for the KSA. We have participated in the Blood Drive, participated in the Art Car parade with the KSA truck, assisted in the Kitchen and Property areas, (Chuck Ivy) worked in the Sound Booth,  helped in Wardrobe area, worked the check-in desk, moved Brother  Jeffrey Burnett’s Masonic Library,  had a fine Feast of Bannockburn, and worked on the update of the Scottish Rite Mailing list.

We wish to thank all the Past Venerable Masters, especially Don Nesbitt for their assistance. 

Pat Cook, Pat Mahoney, H. Bart Henderson, Chris Holder, Don Little, Scott Bumgardner, John Croft, Robert Starkey, Lee Smith, David Fernandez, Chad Cornelius, Raul Sarmiento, Robert Murry, Elis Sartwelle, and Allan Lazor were invaluable for their guidance, directions and assistance. They are all true Brothers. and I almost forgot, Richard (Dick) Heale helped a little too.

Next year will be even better as we keep moving forward. 

The next KSA meeting is mandatory for all KSA members,  so make sure to make plans and be there.

Ronald W Brown

2015 Venerable Master

Knights of St. Andrew

3/10/15 KSA Update

KSA_JewelBrethren, the Knights of St. Andrew have been busy.

We continue to help Chef Cyrille in preparing the meals for our meetings. Help in the kitchen is indispensible. Few realize how much work goes into preparing these meals and the KSA can really make a huge impact here.

We are assisting Brother Pat Cook with the Scottish Rite Blood drive. We have had two mailings that have gone out to all the Masonic Lodges in district 30 and beyond. Sir Knights Glueck, Cornelius, Chavez, Hoffpauir, Tabizi, Marcinkowska, and Murray for helping us stuff envelopes and get the word out about our blood drive.

Our work extends further. The KSA is working on a project with Brother Cook to fill in the gaps in our member information. Sir Knight Kevin Darley is working with our General Secretary’s team to collect and update our membership contact data. This is critical to the work we do as Scottish Rite Masons.

Finally, we have completed the move of our late Brother, Ill. Jeff Burnett’s library. Ill. Brother Burnett was kind enough to donate his extensive library of Masonic literature and history to the Houston Scottish Rite Valley. This is an impressive collection to say the least and has found a welcome home where it will continue to educate and benefit Mason’s and keep Brother Burnett’s memory alive in our hearts and minds.

A very special thanks goes out to the folks who helped move these precious books:

  • Ron Brown
  • Said Tabrizi
  • James W Hoffpauir
  • Darrell Glueck
  • Chuck Ivy
  • Pat Mahoney
  • Shern Smith
  • Daniel Chavez
  • Andrew Marcinkowska

Several Sir Knights attended the 25 Anniversary Cowboy Lodge at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. There were over 200 Masons in attendance including the Grand Master.

We are attempting to re-start up the Bagpipe group with Brother James Bennett and Master Drummer Chad Cornelius. Contact me if you are interested at

2015-02-17 – Knights of Saint Andrew

The Knights of St. Andrew (KSA) are alive and well.  We are growing this year and increasing our awareness of service to the Scottish Rite Temple.

If you would like to join the KSA, please send me an email (  We have a place for you.

The year we are helping Mr. Heale and Mr. Cook with whatever they need.

We are assisting them in the preparation of an complete list of members of the Scottish Rite, Valley of Houston. We have multiple lists that are either incorrect, out of date, members have moved on, or simply missing.  Please drop Mr. Cook an email with your correct email address on it.

We are also assisting them in the Scottish Rite Blood drive. This is a worthwhile endeavor.

We are investigating uniformity of the KSA uniform. We would like to be consistent.

We are investigating the net worth of the KSA truck.  This is an expensive vehicle.

We are assisting Chef Cryille in the Kitchen this year.  He needs more assistance.

We are working on the 29th degree team.

We are assisting the many degree teams where ever it is needed.

We are forming an Honor Guard detail, with Mr. Stevens.

We are manning the transportation Committee.  We are manning the Check in desk as needed.

We are available for almost anything the Fraternity needs.

Please contact me or Mr. Cook if you would like to help.