VMAP Update

The VMAP report has been turned in for 2016. We had a good time completing the forms. The Committee will meet again this year (2017) and work on more updates.

We need all Scottish Rite members to update their email addresses if they are incorrect. We have over 3000 members and about 10% are wrong.

We are continuing to revise the report for current events and educational privileges.

We have had a response from Bill Sizemore from the Scottish Rite Head Quarters. It looks very good to me.

I want to thank Darrel Glueck, Scott Bumgardner, Kevin Darley, Allen Bettis, Rich Tonda, James Hoffpauir, Pat Mahoney, Robert Murray, and of course Dick Heale for their assistance. And anybody else I forgot who helped on this important Committee.

Stay tuned for more frequent updates.

Also, look at; http://texsrhistory.org/

Ronald W Brown, 32°, KCCH
2016 Valley of Houston Trustee
2016 VMAP Committee Chairman for the Valley of Houston,
2016 Texas Scottish Rite History Committeeman,
2015 Venerable Master of the Knights of St. Andrew, Valley of Houston